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Ellicottville Events

When Samantha Nelson began developing the branding around her new event coordination company, Ellicottville Events, she knew what she wanted to say. Sam and her team would take the concept in a client's head and turn it into a living, breathing event, delivering a we'll-take-care-of-everything experience. The branding -- from the logo to the colors to the materials -- is exceptional. But Sam needed help conveying the heart and soul of the company in her website copy, so she contacted Spencer to turn branding into words. 

Copywriting isn't news writing. Copy on a website is written to turn facts into passion; to take a service or mission and illuminate it with words. After speaking with Sam on what she was going for, Spencer went to work. A list of services -- event planning, wedding coordination, corporate outings -- couldn't just be bullet pointed on the pages. Spencer needed to take the vision in Sam's head and make the reader feel the passion while they read it, all the while staying in the preferred voice. 

Spencer listed the services and expanded upon them, highlighting key points of Sam's branding: creating stress-free environments, letting the event staff shoulder the load, adding fun dynamics, etc. Understanding the target market allowed Spencer to include words and phrases that would help Sam's website rank higher in search rankings, as well as including subtle call-to-actions that would encourage visitors to contact Sam for their events. Constant communication between Sam and Spencer eliminated the need for multiple rewrites and revisions. When the work was finished, Spencer had taken the personality behind Sam's company and turned it into the written word. 

"I contracted Spencer Timkey to write content for my new wedding and event planning business website at the end of 2017.  I went to Spencer because I knew he would be able to portray the proper tone I was looking for.  Spencer was absolutely great to work with.  He sat down and thoroughly went through my needs and what I really was trying to go for.  We broke everything down into sections and we both set our expectations.  Spencer let me know everything his services would entail and roughly how many words per section would be included as well as set an extremely reasonable timeframe to get things done.  

I love that Spencer took the time to get to know me as a client and really try to capture my voice in his writing.  I love that he set expectations and completely over-delivered on them!  I would definitely use Spencer for future work and recommend him to friend and colleagues.

Sam Nelson, Ellicottville Events
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