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Brenda helped the Ellicottville Chamber reach a target audience through tourism-specific print advertisements and pop-up digital ad campaigns.

As a day-trip and vacation destination for visitors from all over the world, Ellicottville has a wide range of target markets in each of the four seasons. From 8-year-olds to those in their 80’s, from friends to families to business groups, Ellicottville offers an attractive scale for all demographics looking to get away, in all price points.  On the flip side, within the bustling community of Ellicottville, it is the membership base that provides the foundation for the Chamber’s abilities to fulfill its mission of networking and tourism outreach.

Projects: It is because of these two variables - the local business community and the visitor base - that provides a challenge in developing a common branding that is unique to each, yet effective across all marketing platforms and all demographics.

`. To compliment their efforts of increasing membership base, the Chamber requested the creation of a new “membership brochure”, showcasing the fun and excitement that is the face of Ellicottville, with professional content that businesses can connect with and trust in the potential benefits of investing their hard earned money. The tri-fold brochure has done just that, and remains the Chamber’s go-to piece for prospective new members.

2. Catering to the efforts of pulling in both new visitors and returning visitors, the Chamber is constantly spreading their name and their brand through print and web advertising. Over the past decade, I have worked with Chamber Executive Director Brian McFadden and his staff to develop a clean yet upbeat vibe for their print advertisements, slightly reinventing the style with each marketing campaign to make it fresh and trendy. A couple recent pieces include a full color 2-page spread in Seneca Casino Magazine, and a full color panel in the Allegheny National Forest Visitors Bureau Guide. As one focuses on wintertime fun and the other focuses on summer adventure, each was created in their respective seasonal hues with the publication’s own demographics in mind.

3. This past Fall, the Chamber contracted with a digital advertising agency out of Syracuse to feature web-based pop-up ads on various search engines and social media outlets, targeting specific interests and related keywords. The Fall-inspired graphics that I designed for these purposes were effective in establishing a constant and repetitive showcase amongst web users. Although the Syracuse advertising agency offers layout and design services in-house, the Ellicottville Chamber opted to bring me on to this particular project as their graphic designer, for consistency purposes and because of their faithful satisfaction in my services.

One of the greatest benefits of maintaining a working relationship with a client is the ability for both the client and the designer to grow together, to learn and connect with each other, resulting in common visions, and effective end-goal efficiency. The Chamber has been an exceptional client to work with.

I have worked with Design Perks for many years. Brenda has never ceased to amaze me. Creatively talented, dedicated to perfection and the ability to think out of the box has provided the Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce with the creative that makes all of our media platforms stand out from our competitors.

Brian McFadden, Executive Director, Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce
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